What's class like?
Fast-paced, focused, contemporary, body neutral, strength-based, effective, lighthearted, challenging, and satisfying.

Are your workouts suitable for beginners?
Yes! My style of instruction helps beginners understand both the what and the why of the movement. All classes are go-at-your-own-pace and low-impact (no jumping). I encourage you to take water breaks and reset as you need to.

If you are experiencing an injury, please consult with your doctor before you begin a workout. These classes are not designed to cater to pre/postpartum needs; please discuss with your doctor before participating.

What equipment is required?
Classes may use any of the following, all of which can be substituted with household items or without any equipment. Looking to buy equipment? Consider buying it secondhand on Poshmark or eBay.

  • Light, medium, and/or heavy weights (1-3 lbs, 5-8 lbs., 8-15 lbs.) Water bottles or canned food work too.
  • Loop (aka mini band)
  • Towel
  • Block
  • Ring (aka Pilates Magic circle)
  • Pillow
  • Chair
  • Pilates Ball (coming March 2021)
  • Long Band (coming March 2021)
  • Foam Roller (coming March 2021)

Do you offer monthly workout plans?
Yes! I curate playlists that marry personal training and group fitness, which are included in every subscription. Each month, you're able to choose from plans that contain 4 or 6 weekly workouts. Check them out here.

How do I join the community group?
To connect with us off of Instagram, join here.

Is there a referral discount if someone I know subscribes, too?
Yes! If a friend of yours subscribes, you both will earn 50% off of that month's membership. Email cam@camnorsworthy.com to apply the discount.

How does the 7-day free trial work?
All memberships are free for the first 7 days. After that, your paid subscription begins. Your membership will automatically renew each month unless cancelled.

What new classes can subscribers expect each week?
In addition to the library of existing content, members enjoy: 

  • One, full-length On-Demand video (most often split into core, lower body, and upper body sections)
  • Two Instagram Live replay classes (ranging from muscle-focus intensives, #PilatesPacks, #CampCams, and barre)
  • Bimonthly bonus content including stretch classes and shorter, experimental formats

New On-Demand classes are available each Sunday. Replays are available soon after the live class, technology-permitting.

My different class formats include the following:

    45-minute contemporary mat Pilates focusing almost exclusively on core and glute strength. Fast-moving in a positive, relaxed atmosphere. Barefoot, mat recommended.

    Intensives (Abs, Glutes, or Arms)
    30-minute conditioning to burn out a specific set of muscles, rotated weekly. Barefoot, mat recommended, occasionally with minimal equipment.

    40-minute Signature Format. interval-based, incorporating full-body, sweat generating moves. Call it Cam’s bootcamp. High-intensity, low impact. After ~30 minutes of intervals, expect <10 minutes of Pilates-style toning. Barefoot, mat recommended.

    Feelgood Flow
    ~10 to 15-minute slow, Pilates-style classes meant to stretch and lightly strengthen. Excellent as a warm-up, cool-down, or light reintroduction to movement. Barefoot, mat recommended.

    30-minute barre work focusing on arms, thighs, and glutes. Multiple muscle groups work simultaneously in combo moves. Barefoot, mat recommended. Incorporates a set of light weights (1-3 lbs.) unless otherwise specified.

    Intensives On-Demand
    10 to 20-minute intensives focusing on specific muscle groups (such as inner thighs or upper abs). Pilates-style and low impact, ideal to combine with another short workout. Barefoot, mat recommended, minimal equipment incorporated. 

Will my subscription renew automatically?
Yes, unless you cancel in the “billing” section of your Dashboard.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

I’m currently subscribed to Cam On-Demand and/or Cam On Replay on Vimeo; what are my options?
The Vimeo platforms will be updated with new content until 1/1/21, after which the channels will remain live but not accept any new subscribers or single class rentals/purchases. Therefore, you must cancel your Vimeo subscription individually in the “Purchases” section of your Vimeo profile. If you cancel your Vimeo subscription before your billing date, you still have access to all video content until your billing cycle ends.

The 7-day trial and reduced price point on this new platform are created to give you some flexibility in your transition. If you need more assistance here, email cam@camnorsworthy.com.

What if I cannot afford a subscription?
My goal is to bring movement to everybody; email cam@camnorsworthy.com and let’s work out a plan together.

Can I rent a single class?
Single classes are available at $10 per class for a 24-hour rental period. On-Demand content is not available to rent; only replays are. To purchase, click on the class you’d like to buy and follow the check-out prompts.

Can I buy a single class and have permanent access to it?
Single classes are available at $20 per class for permanent access. On-Demand content is not available to buy; only replays are. To purchase, click on the class you’d like to buy and follow the check-out prompts.

Can I purchase a set of classes, without a subscription?
are a set of pre-selected classes available at discount with no expiration date. Here are the Bundles I’ve created thus far. Looking for a more specific Bundle? Email me: cam@camnorsworthy.com.

Can I work 1:1 with Cam?
I am currently not accepting clients for personal training. If that changes, you’ll see an update on my Instagram first!

How can I take a live class on Instagram?
Follow me on Instagram and click on the “live classes” highlight for that week’s schedule. The schedule on my website is also up-to-date.

The following applies to all users. Subscribing to or purchasing these recorded classes confirms your consent and agreement: 

 I understand that I have been directed to consult a physician prior to beginning this session/class. I accept that I exercise at my own risk by following these online sessions/classes. I will not hold Cameron Norsworthy (Cam On-Demand, @camnorsworthy, etc.) liable for any injury that occurs during participation in these classes.